The repertoire of Rondane Kwartet consists of Canto Ostinato (1979), Lemniscaat (1983), Horizon (1985), Incantatie IV (1990) and Meandres (1998). During a performance the grand pianos are positioned in a cross shape formation. The pianists use specific signs to communicate and therefore it’s necessary their faces are turned towards each other. The compositions consist of a large number of sections which are repeated. The procedure of repetitions creates roon for independent choices in regard to:


- the number of repetitions

- the combination of layers and to gradually building up the elements or not,

- the dynamics

- the manner of playing (staccato, legato, etc.)


The time span of the compositions is indefinite. The pianists of the Rondane Quartet have made some agreements in relation to the performance, nevertheless there’s room for sponteanous ideas and they are allowed to act on their musical impulses. Generally a concert will last about two hours.